The Premiere

Decay’s world premiere in Manchester on Thursday was a huge sell-out success. With 20 minutes to go before the doors opened, the queue stretched over a hundred metres into a neighbouring corridor, and on opening proceeded to fill the University’s biggest theatre. We opened with trailers for South of Sanity and Gangsters, Guns & Zombies - check them out. The mood was completely electric, and the film provoked screams, gasps and bouts of laughter (one joke about programming nearly brought the house down). We closed to massive applause and a fab, lively Q&A session. Congratulations to our raffle winner, now the lucky owner of a pair of tickets to’s zombie experience day - we hope you have an awesome time. Huge thanks to everyone who attended and to the team that helped everything run smoothly. If you enjoyed the film please tweet or Facebook us with your comments - all feedback is welcome!

Look out for photos: coming soon.